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2024 Annual Report Released

Our first annual report summarising our key activities for the last 12 months.

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Help improve the standards of education, health and quality of life through donations to households that are experiencing financial difficulties.

Change a family's life

Join us to provide life-changing resources for families across the world

Across the world, millions of families have been torn apart by loss and hardship. All too often, widows and single-parent households are left to fend for themselves, struggling, grieving and in desperate need of support without adequate care or assistance. Facing the hardest of circumstances in trying to just survive each day.

Widows face the ultimate struggle of providing for multiple children with no opportunity to work, no childcare help and living in shelters or makeshift homes. Basic human necessities such as warmth, food and water are a struggle.

From just £40 a month you can help the most vulnerable and protect those more at risk.

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Empowering Families

The Momtaj Foundation empowers the lives of the most vulnerable in underprivileged regions of the world. Join us on our mission to provide life-changing resources for struggling families.

Our Mission

In the families we help, we provide food, education and home economics training to ensure female leaders can thrive.


Momtaj Foundation invests in assets that provide long-term and recurring income to support projects and families.

Our Story

Founded in honour of Momtaj Begum, our late sister and passionate humanitarian, our family formed The Momtaj Foundation to help impoverished communities.


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Give Education to Children

Who We Are

Your Support

Major Projects

At Momtaj Foundation, we work to ensure households with widows and single parents are given a practical lifeline to stabilise their households and live self-sufficiently. Having worked closely with the communities, we prioritise enabling independence and dignity for families who are most often left helpless. We provide women with home economics training so they can learn to generate income in their villages.

Your support provides:

  1. Provide food for children and mothers
  2. Deliver home economics training and skills training to give widows and single parent households an income.
  3. Provide medication and medical assistance
  4. Support children's educational needs
  • We invest in a tuk-tuk (small taxi’s), creating jobs and long-term income to provide food, education, and medicine to our families
  • Providing accommodation (shelter) through advice on rehousing and the construction of new accommodation developments
  • Provide IT infrastructure to rural villages to delivery online education
  • Plant wells to provide clean water and sanitisation to communities
  • We fund weddings and events for communities to celebrate gatherings